Wrinkles and Time

Like many people, I’m tired today.  I can’t blame it entirely on that little wrinkle they threw into our normally steady flow of time last night.  I have my own brain to blame.

I should go to sleep earlier so I can wake up refreshed, I say to myself.  Then, when I don’t actually follow through on that thought, I go to plan B.  I should try to get to sleep faster, I say to myself.  Hurry up and relax.

You’re right, my  other hemisphere says back.  That is a very good idea.  Especially since you have a lot to do tomorrow.

Uh oh.

A lot to do tomorrow? I ask myself.  Perhaps I should make a list. I have that  ushering thing, but that really only pulls about 90 minutes from my day.  Oh, I guess I have to consider the 60 minutes from the time shift, too. I have that slice to write, and I haven’t figured out what to write.  I should think about that for a bit.  Actually, it would be great if I could get back to the routine of writing the next day’s entry the night before.  

True.  You should probably try to write two tomorrow.  You’ll be happier on Monday when you can just wake up and post.  You’ll get more comments, too.

Okay, so usher, two slices, and what else?

Well, there’s that job of yours.  Are you prepared for the week?

No, not hardly.  So, I’ll need to work on my plans.  I don’t even really know where to begin with that.  We missed two and a half days last week. Who knows what kids will remember.  I still have some of those reading assessments to do. We’ll be reading about the revolution.  I wonder who we’ll focus on for our play this spring. I think I can move onto those volume problems in math.  Did they really understand that liquids can be cubic centimeters or milliliters? I wish I still had those empty one-liter cubes, so we could fill them up with centimeter cubes.  Then they could really see and feel that connection. I’ll email Jeanne.

Hmmm. You seem to have a lot to think about for next week.  I feel like this is slowing us down on the getting-to-sleep-quickly agenda.  Could you set that aside for a few hours?

Seriously?  That’s just the plans.  Don’t forget you haven’t written your math comments for the conferences that are coming up.  You were going to get those out of the way this weekend.  

Right.  I did four today.  That only leaves…21.  Why didn’t I do more of them on the snow days?

You were busy writing lengthy slices, I think.  You should really learn to be more succinct.

True.  I need to write two tomorrow.  They’d better be brief.

Think of how much time you’ve spent on them when you’ve had weekends and snow days. What are you going to do when you actually have busy school days? You know, you actually have to be paying more attention to your students, and less attention to your own writing dreams.  At conferences, the parents are not going to want to hear about how many slices you’ve composed.

Another good point.  I really should spend some time tomorrow reading things in the kids’ writing folders on my drive.  How much time can I devote?

Not much.  You know, you’ve been doing a really good job of walking  both dogs every day.  You’re not going to skip that are you?

No, of course not.  That’s like a regular part of the daily routine.

It’s keeping you young, too. What’s not keeping you young is the fact that you aren’t sleeping right now.  You know, if you don’t get to sleep, you won’t be able to focus tomorrow, and everything will take longer.  You should get to sleep.

I completely agree.  It’s going to be a busy day, and I want to be refreshed.  I should hurry up and get to sleep.

Are you asleep yet?

No.  What time is it?

Do you mean standard time or savings time?

Like many people, I’m tired today.  I can’t blame it entirely on that little wrinkle they threw into our normally steady flow of time last night.  I have my own brain to blame.

Note:  This is not an entirely accurate transcription of last night’s full-length drama.  The actual screenplay would have been considerably longer. In addition, there would have been stage directions, like “flips over onto other side,”  “gets drink of water,” “tries sleeping on back.” There would also have been a disturbing soundtrack, featuring a song by Blondie, which I heard on Spotify yesterday, but it would just be one line repeated in a continuous loop: “I lost my heart… at the rifle range.”  I have never, in fact, been to a rifle range. So, yes, this could have been longer, but as you know, I have other things to do today.



11 thoughts on “Wrinkles and Time

  1. I changed my clocks at 4 in the afternoon to trick my brain. I “stayed up an hour later” but really went to bed at my regular time. And yet, I am still tired & will need a nap later. Thanks for the reminder about the forms for conferences. I brought mine home (we have conferences Wednesday & Thursday) but have yet to touch them. Good luck with the rest of your day.

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    1. Thanks. Good luck to you too. I am relieved by your comment. I was a bit concerned that the comments were going to be something along the lines of, “Seek help!” I like the tricks, too, but will I remember next March?


  2. Oh, why didn’t I write about the time change? Great piece, and it sounds like you are so very busy. I totally agree with you about writing the next days slice the night before. I have been writing each morning (except today when I had to be somewhere by 7:30 a.m. and it felt like 6:30 a.m.!). You have reminded me, too, that sleep is so important!

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  3. Yes, I think a lot of people are tired today. Your mind sounds like mine on a daily basis. I mentally exhaust myself constantly! Its hard for me to go to sleep at nice because I’m in love with the silence in my house. Kids sleep. Husband sleep. And if he snores I plug his nose until he gags, rolls over, and keeps sleeping lol. So yes… the silence in the evening is beautiful and crippling, because like you sometimes no matter how I try, Im still awake!

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  4. That’s a tricky bed time! I fell asleep pretty effortlessly but by at 3am I had a lot of ideas and thinking going on. By the time I realized I should get back to sleep, it was the new 5am and my kids were stirring. They don’t miss a beat. I hope you knocked some things off of your list today!

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  5. “You know, you actually have to be paying more attention to your students, and less attention on your own writing dreams. At conferences, the parents are not going to want to hear about how many slices you’ve composed“. This is what SOL18 has done to you and me— I burst out laughing when I read that! Great slice full of wit and humor. Yes, I’m tired too, dance competitions should not fall on daylight savings weekends…just my opinion!

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  6. I honestly think that slicing is messing with my brain. I, too, lay awake making lists this week – though by last night I was so tired I actually fell right asleep. And I definitely snorted about “You were busy writing lengthy slices, I think. You should really learn to be more succinct.” Story. of. my. life. Here’s to getting through the days ahead!

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  7. What is the emoji for me too? Yikes what a bad nght’s sleep. I also feel like I need to write another blog today so I can post in the morning and I like to post about books on Monday. You get the picture.

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