What am I learning here?

It’s day 20 of the Slice of Life Challenge, and I have surprised myself by keeping up, so far.  I had thought I might make it a week before lapsing.  I imagined I might run out of material.  I knew I would have a hard time keeping things short.  I was aided by weekends and snow days, to be sure, but now I have the hardest third of the month to go. So, what have I learned?

  1. I’ve learned that I crave feedback.
  2. I’ve learned that I need to remember that I crave feedback if I’m going to be a good teacher.
  3. I’ve learned that I need to really pay attention during the day.
  4. I’ve learned that I need to really pay attention when I drive.
  5. I’ve learned that I spend as much time fiddling with my writing as I spend writing.
  6. I’ve learned that I do silly things like find mistakes in posts from two weeks ago and still think it matters that I edit them.
  7. I’ve learned that vacations are full of writing material.
  8. I’ve learned that almost anything can become a slice.
  9. I’ve learned that I get ideas from the people whose writing I read.
  10. I’ve learned that it doesn’t really get easier.  Darn!
  11. I’ve learned that it’s really hard to have a full-time job and take on a writing challenge for a month.
  12. I’ve learned that some people have a full-time job, a writing challenge for a month, and have several kids under  the age of 5 at home.
  13. I’ve learned that in that case, I’m sort of a whiner.
  14. I’ve learned that even if I spend a lot of my day’s  energy ranting about the president, I can find better things to write about.
  15. I’ve learned that in that case, I’m not entirely a whiner.
  16.  I’ve learned that number 16 had writer’s block.
  17. I’ve learned that when I make quick lists of ideas, I suddenly feel rich.
  18. I’ve learned that abandoning hope is a strategy.
  19. I’ve learned that there are a lot of talented writers out there on TWT.
  20. I’ve learned that even my lists go on too long.


12 thoughts on “What am I learning here?

  1. Your list gave me a reason to smile this morning. You’ve learned a lot this month! You may find that on April 1st, it will feel weird not to write. It always takes me about a week to fill in that time with other pursuits.

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  2. I love your list and I just be “steal” oops be inspired by this one! I will
    Say, your longer posts have encouraged me to be a more thoughtful reader and writer! So, thank you!! Even your list has your voice and humor! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Each day you post, I do a silent cheer. I knew you had doubts but I think you’re going to make it. When I read that you crave feedback, I was thinking why we could take from that and apply from our teaching. As I read on, I realized you had already made that important connection. Power through. I believe in you!

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  4. You have such voice, and such a great style in your writing. You are funny at times, and really deep at times. You have scope. You list is a great one. I love #16. See….funny! I’m enjoying your writing. Please keep it up!

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  5. You crack me up. Point out which blogs I should reread and I’ll do it. Abandoning hope is definitely is a strategy and you are skeptical of waiters but probably tip well. You have 10 more blogs in you easily. The last one you just write about all you’ve learned.

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