Religious Education

This year’s convergence of Easter and Passover has my students engaging in serious discussions about the  nuances and varying beliefs of their religions.  It’s an interesting time to be eavesdropping. It’s requiring some restraint to keep from jumping in.

First snippet:

E:  Are you Catholic or Christian?

L:  Neither.  I think I’m Methodist.


Second Snippet (joined in progress)

D:  So, let me get this straight, you’re saying Jesus was Jewish, right?

J:  Yeah, he was.

D:  Then, if you’re Jewish, how come you say he doesn’t exist?

J:  I didn’t say he didn’t exist.

D:  You said you don’t believe in him.

J:  Right.

D:  But that doesn’t make sense.  If you don’t believe in him, how could you say he was Jewish?

J:  I know he was a person.  I just don’t believe he was God.

D: Ohhhhh!  I get it.

M:  (Jumping in)  But he was God, because you don’t just get born from a virgin unless you’re God.

J:  That’s the part I don’t believe.  I mean really.  How could she be a virgin and have a baby?

M:  Well, God did it.

J:  Well that’s just weird….No offense.

Third Snippet (Same day)

A: Which do you think is better, Easter or Halloween?

O:  Definitely Halloween.  Why? What do you think?

A:  I’m going with Easter.

O:  (dubious)  Why?

A:  Just as much candy, plus, they bring it right to your house.

This concludes today’s episode of Religion in the Schools.  Tune in tomorrow as we explore Maundy Thursday.

9 thoughts on “Religious Education

  1. I love these! So honest and funny. Many years agoOne day, many years ago, N, a Muslim, dragged M, a Christian, to may desk and said, “Ms. Gillespie, You’re not going to believe this. M thinks Jesus is God!” Trying not to laugh, I said, “N, that is what Christians believe.” The look on his face was priceless: a mix of amazement, shock wonder and enlightenment.

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