11 Things About Me and my Writing

Thank you to Readingteachsu and Trinarrative for the inspiration to try this list.


  1. I sometimes steal lines from Dorothy Parker.
  2. I like reading my own writing out loud, both to revise and to share.
  3. Some of my writing heroes are famous to the world, like David Sedaris, Kate DiCamillo, Naomi Shihab Nye, and J. Patrick Lewis, and some are only famous in the TWT world. They all matter.
  4. I’m often at a loss for words at cocktail parties.
  5. I often don’t know how to stop when I’m at a keyboard.
  6. I like having a long list of story possibilities in my notebook.  It makes me feel rich.
  7. I love to read poetry, but I have a hard time writing poems that I like.
  8. Online writing communities are rewarding and tantalizing at the same time,
  9. I’m more of a sprinter than a marathoner.  I can more easily write for 31 consecutive days, than for a year of Tuesdays.
  10. I obsess over everything I write, even eleven-item lists.
  11. I still don’t love to write, but I love having written.

16 thoughts on “11 Things About Me and my Writing

  1. I love reading list posts. I hereby commit to writing one…soon. I had imagined you as gregarious and easy going at cocktail parties, but I’m not surprised you obsess over your writing. Also, I have come to love your taste in books (did I tell you how much I loved Lincoln in the Bardo? I loved it. And my youngest I have read The Raft over and over. Such different books – both recommended by you.) so I enjoyed reading about your writing heroes. Also, I have now officially commented on one post for tomorrow. Hooray!

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  2. #5 – I can totally picture you and hear your fingers moving furiously along the keyboard as all the words come tumbling out! #7 I find interesting because your poems (those that I have read) amazing – carefully woven together always leaving me wondering how you do it! Couldn’t agree with #8 more! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I love 4 and 6, and I’m not surprised to hear the list of authors you admire (and steal from). This is a great exercise. I’ve added it to my list of things to try during this 31 days of blogging.

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  4. What a great idea. I ask my students to do this all the time. Why had I not about it for me? Items # 7 and #10 are the two that spoke to me today, especially #10. Thanks so much for sharing your life through the list. I hope you do not mind if I copy it later.


    1. Hat tip to Dorothy Parker on #10. I stole that line. And as for #7, the reason I wrote this list was because the poem I was trying to write wasn’t coming out right! Maybe later.


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