Lines taken from our Outbreak Entries

None of the words in this slice are mine. I asked the students in my class to start recording their thoughts and feelings from this crazy time. Lauren Tarshis reminded us that sometimes history is happening right now. The kids wrote diary or time capsule entries inspired by Kate Messner’s book, Breakout. I stole lines from each of them and tried to group them together. Here’s how we feel.

Today, I’m starting a diary,
a collection of entries, 
to keep a record of this crazy time.
I woke up with the sun in my face and the feeling
That something is out there to get me.
The Coronavirus  has become an evil villain. 
And we’re his prey.
Getting up was not the easiest.
My bed felt comfortable, and I was
Not in the mood for school work.
It’s another day of feeling trapped inside.
I don't like being inside, 
Fearing that One of the twenty cases in Westport 
Is near me.
I don't think I have been alive
During such a big crisis like this one. 
It's my first time experiencing something
Worldwide bad.
It even has its own dance on tik tok!
Now we’re social distancing,
I can’t even see my friends
I’m wondering when things are going to be normal again?  
Like when I’ll be back home and back to school.  
Real school.
It makes me a little annoyed
That people had actually predicted this before
And we did nothing
To try to prevent it.
The worst part is that I will have a quiet 11th birthday,
And that sucks, 
But the world does not revolve around me,
So that's not really on my mind,
Most of my brain is being used
To process the fact we are really under 
It's not really focusing on anything else.
Everyday, it feels like the same day,
Groundhog Day, right?
What can I do today to make it feel different?
Our family is trying to live safely,
And do our part for the community.
Most of the people are definitely 
doing their part as a citizen.
My dad says we need to sleep a lot,
And my window is always open.
We are right by the ocean.
There is really nobody here,
And that’s very peaceful because 
You can hear the waves at night.
We will have to focus on the good things,
like the fact that we found a new dinosaur species in amber.
Online schooling is not the worst.
It takes my mind off of the virus.
It’s kind of boring
And fun at the same time.
I built a desk for art,
Which was the best part of the school day.
I am starting to get the hang of online school
I made my times of work each day, 
So I know when I’m not done
And when I am done,
My plan for today is to finish work,
Go biking, 
Then have a family bake off 
(me and my mom vs. my sister and brother)
Last night my siblings and I baked a cake,
And J had the idea
That instead of using frosting, 
You use Nutella.
We have started to spice things up a bit.
We’ve raised and lowered the hoop, 
We’ve played with a bigger or smaller ball.
We’re trying to make the most of our time,
Enjoying our family,
Cleaning the house, 
Playing cards, going outside and 
Even chilling, watching movies.
Me and my mom took a 50-minute walk
Around a reservoir, 
We saw lots of huge rocks
And cool bodies of water.
We go on hikes with my dog on the weekend.
I am keeping myself busy, 
Mostly by reading, card games, board games.
We played a lot of games
But I would rather have none of those things
And have everyone be healthy.

4 thoughts on “Lines taken from our Outbreak Entries

  1. Their writing is heartfelt, honest, eloquent … and inspired by a wonderful teacher. Thank you for sharing their words and feelings, and for encouraging them to document this historic time.

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  2. Oh – this is a great format. I am really really really missing my students – even though a) it’s technically still March Break and normally this is the time when I’m wishing the break were longer and b) I still haven’t graded the work they handed in last Friday. Sigh. Still…. look what your students created. So good!

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  3. Worldwide bad. So interesting to hear their reactions and big thinking about this. Great assignment. I did a TC webinar this week… I wrote about it. Mary called what you’re doing a Pandemic Journal. It was a great listen. Gave me hope. She referenced Sara Ahmed and how we have to go with the curriculum the world is handing us. We met today to plan forward. I proposed what you’re doing as our next “unit”. Maybe getting kids back to notebooks. People want things to be easier but reading that line about art being the best part of the day in this piece stood out to me.

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