Herd Overheard

Here sits the hippo, 
Plush, plump, but petite,
As she patiently pauses 
On her living room perch, 
Possibly pushin' one paltry pound.

Previously, though,
Hunkered in my basement bunker,
I'd heard a pounding from on high,
Felt the trembling 
of ceiling tiles.

Could it be?
A herd 
Of hefty hippos
Hustling through 
Our humble home?


It's just a paddle-pawed pup
Practicing his pounces without pause,
Past 55

3 thoughts on “Herd Overheard

  1. Sounds as though pup is heading toward sizing up hippo style. Love all the /p/ sounds in this fun poem. I think there’s an art to writing children’s poems. Yours is dandy. Have fun w/ tge puppo!


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