More Wit and Wisdom From Fifth Grade

A. came to school today with a tee-shirt that tickled my funny bone, not literally, because I was maintaining my social distance, but figuratively…because it was funny.

It had a picture of the carvings at Mount Rushmore, and above the heads of each of the Fab Four were these words:  We will,  We will.  Rock.   You.  

You see, it’s funny because they are carvings that are made out of rock.  So, it’s kind of a double meaning of the word rock.  There’s the meaning that Queen intended, that they will make you want to dance and shout and shake your head from side to side and up and down…and then there’s the granite or metamorphic kind.   Or maybe it’s funny because those old presidents really were not the types to “rock you,” although I’ve heard that Teddy could really shred.  

You know, now that I think of it, it’s also funny because, as granite sculptures, they actually don’t have vocal chords or lungs, so they actually couldn’t be singing this song, even if George did come up with the idea.  So, the tee-shirt maker was really just imagining them saying that…or singing that.

But, in spite of the fact that we know why the shirt is so funny, it’s not quite how some fifth graders see it.  I was taking a picture of A. in his shirt at the end of the day, when E. walked up, looked at the shirt and said, “Oh, I get it.”  Knowing E., I think he probably did get it, but he didn’t seem as tickled as I was.  Though, with the mask, it’s hard to tell.  At that moment, another E (let’s call him E2) approached and was studying the shirt.

Another observer, A2 asked, “Who are those guys, anyway?”

I (and by that I mean me, not some student with a name that begins with I.  We only allow A and E in our class).  Anyway, I opened my mouth, ready to fill them in on our historic leaders, when E2 jumped in.

He proceeded to enlighten us all.  “I know who they are,” He proclaimed. Then, pointing toward the first rock legend, he said,  “That’s We Will.”  Then he pointed to the next ones and rattled off their names.  “That’s We Will, that one’s Rock, and that’s You!”

I closed my mouth.  It’s very hard to compete with a fifth grader.

7 thoughts on “More Wit and Wisdom From Fifth Grade

  1. This is the best wit and wisdom! I’ve just read Tracey’s slice that has Huey Lewis humming in my head and now Queen is competing with Huey! Your humor and their’s comes through loud and clear!

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