Into Their Eyes

I woke up in the middle of the night last night, having had another dream about debating with The Donald.  It was my second in the past two weeks.   I really resent that he can show up uninvited like that.  I will say that he didn’t do much talking.  He mostly watched me as I did the shouting, the ranting really, about how real human beings should act. He merely made sneering faces and mocking gestures. I woke up shaking.

Anyhow, it was 2:15, and I was very awake, so I headed downstairs for a glass of water and decided that finishing the book I’d been reading this weekend might calm me down.  It was a great antidote.  The book, The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise had been recommended by our school’s librarian.  I can’t thank her enough for that tip.  

The cross-country grief journey of a father and daughter who’d lost their wife/mom and daughters/sisters couldn’t possibly be the uplifting counterpoint to a nightmarish encounter with that orange man…but it was.  It was (conveniently) all about what it means to be human.  Coyote, the 12-year-old narrator with the wisdom of an 80-year-old, is trying to reclaim her memories. It’s a wild and crazy quest. Toward the end, in a moment of desperation, as she clashes with an immovable opponent, she summons the words of her father:

“But then I remembered Rodeo [her father].  I remembered how he talked to folks.  How he didn’t raise his voice, but talked soft.  He talked right into their eyes.  Person to person.  Always kindness, Coyote [the narrator].”

Coyote imparted so many bits of wisdom in this story, but this one seemed so right for our time and our world.  We need softer talk.  More eye-to-eye contact.  More person to person conversations.

Maybe tonight I’ll have a do-over in dreamland.  Maybe tonight I’ll channel the wisdom of a 12-year-old and in that world behind my eyelids, I’ll try to talk into his eyes.

6 thoughts on “Into Their Eyes

  1. This book has caught my eye more than once. I love that you’re still reading and recommending. The timing of your reading and the dream is serendipitous. Sometimes, the world hands us just what we need…and you’re right- we all need more quiet talking and looking each other in the eye.

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  2. Sorry about he lost sleep. I’ve been working in my sleep lately, waking with a ache in my head and in my heart. I love that book. It’s one of my favorites. I was proud of myself today that one a teacher lost her temper in a meeting today, I remained calm and really listened. The anger and tension seem all around us now.

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  3. More soft and eye to eye talk would be good right about now. There’s a lot of talking and little communicating at times. I liked the flow of this piece and how you wove all this together. I hope you sleep well tonight.

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