School Snapshots

Not having the slightest idea what to write about today, I’m trying a quick scattershot approach and seeing where it leads.  I could write about some of the odd things I’ve done recently in the course of my work.  

I’ve discussed the numbers on lockers with a kindergartener:  “That one is two hundred twenty two,  This one is two hundred ninety four. Is that the highest number?  There could be an infinity locker.  That would be hard to count to.  Hey, there’s a locker with no number.  It must be zero.”

If you noticed that I didn’t get a word into that conversation, you would be correct…and the transcription would be accurate. The child likes numbers and he likes to talk.

I’ve used a bullhorn (sometimes two) to call out names and colors in the parking lot so that kids find their cars and stand at the right-colored cone at dismissal time.  I squint at the name as the driver holds up a card signifying who they hope to pick up.  Bullhorn in hand, I’m so tempted to start calling out famous names or more interesting colors to see if anyone will notice. “Snoop Dogg to Vermillion.  That’s Snoop to Vermillion.”  So far I’ve restrained myself.

I’ve brushed someone’s arms and legs.  It’s a sensory thing.  It’s an awkward thing.

I’ve played hallway soccer with a kid who needs some movement breaks.  We have quite a competition developing.  Today the ball was missing.  It’s kind of a nerf-ish ball with a red and black plastic covering.  If you’ve seen it, please return it.  We improvised today with the only round thing we could find.  A weighted massage ball that felt like it weighed about ten pounds.  It doesn’t bounce, which is okay, since we have a rule that the ball can’t leave the floor.  It also doesn’t go very far when you kick it. And when you try to dribble it, you should not allow yourself to get too much forward momentum, or there’s a chance that most of you might keep going, but the ball and your foot might remain stationary, causing you to fall on the floor and causing your very active fourth grader to fall on the floor laughing.  That’s purely hypothetical advice for a first time “heavy ball soccer player.”

I’ve discussed business prospects with a young entrepreneur who has plans to open a fast food restaurant…well, he wants to start it as a chain, not just one restaurant.  His idea:  “Well, it’s going to be a burger place.  We’re going to serve people very quickly.  We’re going to serve a lot of cheese.  And it’s going to be easy to order, because we only serve one kind of burger.  So, Quick, Cheese, Easy.  I’m thinking we’ll call it Queasy Burgers.  Think it’ll work?”    You know, Charlie, it just might. 

I’ve contemplated the ambiguity of an inspirational quote.  Charlie, yes, the same Charlie, points to a sign in his classroom.  It reads, “There’s no I in team.”   Charlie’s observation:  “True, but if you look closely and read backward, which I sometimes do, you can find the word ‘me.’”  

Speaking of me, I’m hungry.  I think I’ll have me a Queasy Burger. 

7 thoughts on “School Snapshots

  1. I think I eavesdropped onto that one sided kindergarten conversation about the lockers. It’s amazing the little snippets that make up our day. The variety here is everything. You’ve captured much of what I love about a school- the unexpected and unsolicited brain spillage from kids. Keep collecting. I could read these all day!

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  2. Love the snapshots you’ve captured in words here! The variety of images are mini slices in and of themselves. I love seeing you walking around with the kindergarteners and playing soccer with a weighted ball. In each snapshot, you not only capture images, you capture the relationships you are developing with each child — now that’s snapshot worthy! Yay you!

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  3. And what a post of shining golden nuggets we have here! I chuckled all the way through. An infinity locker…priceless. Snoop to Vermilion-! The ME in team – oh, this changes everything doesn’t it?! Gotta tell you Queasy Burgers COULD be a thing. My youngest son works for a funeral home. He operates the cremator. Just so happens that the funeral home owners also own a fast-food burger joint in town (quite good; we had it for supper last night). I have suggested that they open an ice cream shop called the Creamatory…just thinkin’ out loud, you know…it could be a thing…imagine the names of flavors. :O

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