What Did You Learn Today?

I learned some things today:

I learned that oat milk comes in a flavor called oatmeal cookie, and you can froth it before you put it in coffee.   Fun.

I learned that it’s hard to look up and around on a walk with a puppy.  You mostly have to look out…as in “Look out for the puppy who just veered in front of you!”

I learned that I could never have a desk job that required me to be at a computer all day.

I learned that even if I might say that I’m an introvert, what I really love about my job is seeing and reading students’ faces and having conversations that involve give and take.

I learned that Distance Learning is giving my Inbox a bloated feeling, just like in those commercials.

I learned that as much as I like to write, it’s a whole lot easier when you can talk to kids instead of writing everything.

I learned that I am seeing some of my students in a different light in this virtual classroom. (a future slice)

I learned that even in my basement, with only my computer, I can think this strange contradictory thought,  “What I really need now is some alone time.”

I learned that sometimes I just have to write a short slice to get away from said computer. No offense.

16 thoughts on “What Did You Learn Today?

  1. This distance learning moment is teaching us lots of things – like the power of working together in a community, in person or virtual, and the importance of human interaction when it comes to learning, again through a screen or in real life. I’m grateful for the technology that is allowing school to continue, and in awe of our teachers for shifting platforms so quickly and capably. But boy does this “home schooling” make us all grateful for the brick-and-mortar learning we know and love best. Thank you. 💙

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  2. I always say, believe, that our work is rooted in human interaction. The basis for those interactions are the children, but we also have colleagues, and parents that make those interactions with children the best they can be. This computer based distance learning was not in my job description – but we are in this together and we will get through this together.

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    1. I just said to my kids today, “None if your teachers chose this line of work to teach you through the computer. This is hard for them too.” Thank you!!

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  3. I love the oatmeal cookie oat milk and can’t find it anywhere. Where did you find it in this day and age of empty grocery shelves!?! I’m jealous. I miss school and kids. The parts I’m good at and love most all seem to be gone and I feel disconnected. I’m curious to hear about seeing the kids in new ways. Maybe I’ll pop into your class tomorrow. Wish it was for real.

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  4. I miss my students and we’re still on March break! We’re assuming that we will get some sort of direction for online learning next week… maybe? I’m “watching” all of you go through this & I know that it is going to be complicated. Good thing you have a puppy to look out for – and some oatmeal cookie oatmilk.

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  5. I am so happy that I stumbled across your blog today and these things you learned are so rich with humour and seriousness and character. In a few sentences, you capture some of the joy in teaching. Thank you.


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