Rooting for Spring

I’ve been looking for signs that winter is losing strength and spring is gaining the upper hand.  The thermometer would be too easy an indicator.  I don’t count that. It’s almost as lame as looking at the calendar.

Of course, I realize the temperature is the real reason that the once-epic mountain of snow at the end of our driveway…

is now a shadow of its former self. I prefer to see it as the warmth of love loosening hate’s icy grip.

Still, I think the blooming things are the best signs that nature’s life force will tame the great beast of winter.

And besides, they smell nice, too.

Have fun springing forward.

10 thoughts on “Rooting for Spring

  1. I’ve been seeing lots of signs of spring here. For example, I almost swooned with delight when I saw a turkey vulture this morning. Woot! Spring is on its way! I must say, your spring looks more advanced and definitely like it smells better.

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  2. I love the title of this piece. We’re rooting for spring in the sense of looking for it on but also rooting for it by cheering it’s arrival. I’m loving your daily slices this month.

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  3. That mountain of snow-! Awesome in another way… those blooms are so welcome, indeed. The cherry trees around here have fully bloomed (like, overnight) and are stunning. My husband and I were talking about the longer hours of light. This always lifts my spirits. Makes me root for spring, for sure!

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  4. We just saw the first signs of spring popping up on our lawn and my daughter said, “That could be a slice!” I’ll be tired today from my lost hour, but I’ll take my favorite sign of spring later instead.

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  5. That last picture of Farley is so stinkin’ sweet! Yes, we can smell spring in the air on those days when winter’s “icy grip” takes a back seat to spring! I am rooting hard, for spring!

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